Inspiring humanity to regenerate the Earth together

What is Juntos House?

Juntos House is a lifestyle business, located in the countryside of the magical Ibiza island. Our project includes a restaurant ‘Juntos House’, 70 hectares of farmland for regenerative agriculture, a sustainable food products division & a concept store.

From Ibiza to the world, Juntos is passionate about making a significant impact on the way we enjoy food, connect with each other and the earth.

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Juntos House is a modern farm-to-table restaurant & a community with a funky outdoors cocktail bar, picnic garden & a sustainable products boutique. Juntos House is the door to the Juntos world.

Juntos Farm is a certified organic farm following regenerative practices.

We are focused on respecting the local crops, always farming in harmony with nature and leaving a healthier soil for the next generations.

Juntos events bring people together to celebrate life and regenerative lifestyles

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